New release: Mobiscroll 4.9.1

What’s New

This release contains a number of styling fixes for various components - including one that manifested in the latest Chrome release - and improves the list view behavior and styling for RTL languages.




  • We fixed an issue with the Angular button component, where the click event fired on icon click for disabled buttons.



  • We fixed an issue with scroller pickers, where longer wheel values were cut off, even if there were enough space to display them. The issue was limited to the iOS theme in bubble and center mode.
  • We fixed the iOS theme 3D wheels styling to display in perspective in Edge and Firefox as well.



  • We fixed the hierarchical navigation direction and arrow positioning in RTL mode.
  • We fixed the list item border styling in RTL mode for the iOS theme.
  • We fixed the action menu styling where part of the menu was cut off in recent Chrome versions.



  • We fixed a React warning that came up in projects where the React Router was used with the Navigation components.

For the full changelog please visit our release history .

PS. If you’re coming from v3: We have composed an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 3 to Mobiscroll 4.