New release: Mobiscroll 4.9.0

Supporting Angular Ivy

Ivy is the next-generation compiler and rendering engine for Angular. This is kind of a big deal that comes with lots of great improvements but also a lot of problems. Starting with this release Mobiscroll is compatible with Ivy that is an opt-in preview for Angular 8 but will be enabled by default for Angular 9.

So with this, we are officially supporting Angular 9 :+1:

Dynamic theme variant change

With the latest OS releases, dark themes are officially supported on the major platforms. That means, more and more apps are starting to support both light and dark themes. Switching between the two was simple enough, but starting with this release we introduced the auto theme variant.

That means whenever the theme on your system changes, Mobiscroll components adapt accordingly. No more sore eyes at night.

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  • We are rolling out support for Angular Ivy and Angular 9 (#470).
  • We added the themeVariant setting which can be used to set light and dark variants of the selected theme and introduced auto to make switching dynamic based on system settings.


  • We increased the width of alerts, confirms and prompts to accomodate longer button texts.
  • We fixed the prompt input styling for Mobiscroll and Material themes.
  • We fixed a compile error that came up when using the strict typescript compiler option in Angular and Ionic.

For the full changelog please visit our release history.

PS. If youโ€™re coming from v3: We have composed an upgrade guide for moving from Mobiscroll 3 to Mobiscroll 4.