New release: Mobiscroll 4.6.3

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What’s New

So iOS 12.2 came along and a new bug showed its face. All of a sudden Mobiscroll form fields became un-editable when loaded in WkWebView . This was caused by how we previously handled the tap-delay (300ms) in older browsers and had to accommodate this change.

WkWebView is the default webview in Ionic 3 and 4. So this is a major problem for Ionic 3/4 and Cordova apps where Mobiscroll Forms are being used.

If you are using Ionic 3/4 or building Cordova apps, it is highly recommended to upgrade to version 4.6.3.


  • Values before min and after max values were not always shown with disabled styling.


  • Pass the event object as well to the formatDuration function. (#466)
  • Don’t display “all day” for multi-day events on the first and last days, unless allDay property is explicitly set. (#464)


  • Added the mobiscroll.notification.dismiss() function which will close the active toast or snackbar message.
  • Remove uneccesary shadow from toast and snackbar messages (Material theme).
  • Remove background from form group title and button gruoups inside popup (iOS theme).
  • Remove max-width from the stacked and floating labels (iOS theme).
  • Button shadow was cut off inside button groups (Material theme).
  • Input editing did not work on iOS 12.2, inside WkWebView.


  • mobiscroll.platform was missing from typescript definitions.


  • Typescript definition fix for width setting, which can be array as well, not just number.

Check out the full changelog .
Upgrading from v3 to v4? See the upgrade guide .