New release: Mobiscroll 4.5.3

Hi everyone :wave:

This is a general bugfix release that addresses issues with Ionic 4 plus adds a couple small improvements for ease of use.

See the complete list of changes below:


  • We improved the Navigate method to support ISO strings and moment.js objects.
  • We added a new updateEvent method that makes updating events easier. You won’t need to remove and re-add events, everything is handled in the background.
  • We fixed an issue where the wrong date was selected if min or max was set and dateFormat did not contain the year (#456).


  • We fixed an bug that caused trouble across all pickers linked to ion-input components in Ionic 4. Controls didn’t open on first input tap.


  • A bug got fixed that caused an exception if the remove method was called for an already removed element. The same error occurred in the Angular implementation of the hierarchical listview, when the host component got destroyed.