Navigating to a Time of Day

We are using MobiScroll in our React Application. We currently display a single day and allow users to select a specific date.

If the selected date is the current date, the day scrolls to the current time.

If the selected date is not the current day, it auto-scrolls to 12 a.m.

We’d like to auto-scroll to 7 a.m. when the selected date is not the current date.

Is there functionality to do so? We have used navigateToEvent and that works as intended.

We have tried:

  1. Using navigate with the dates time set to 7 a.m.
  2. DOM manipulation but it seems there is a race condition somewhere that is blocking it intermittently depending on when our events request resolves.

Hello @Rob_Lewis :wave:

Here you can find a detailed description of how you can solve your requirement (React):

I updated that and it works. Thank you. I should have thought of that.

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