Mobiscroll select filter not working when launched from secondary bootstrap modal


When i attempt to use the mobisroll select filter, it is not selectable or I cannot type within it if opened up from within 2nd bootstrap modal which is on top of 1st bootstrap modal opened.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi @Arjuna_Yogasakaran,

Can you let us know a few details like which version of Mobiscroll are you using, what framework are you working in? Also what are the settings you use with the select?


mobiscroll 4.10.3

$(’#NewTemplateEditSessionModal’).on(‘’, function () {
filter: true,
placeholder: ‘Please select’,
context: ‘#NewTemplateEditSessionModal

Hi @Arjuna_Yogasakaran,

Thanks for the extra details. Unfortunately I could not reproduce the issue, not even with the settings you shared. Could you send me a simple project where the issue can be debugged? I would love to have a look!


The same thing is happening to me, how did you fix it?
Thank you

Hi @Alberto_Cabrer,

Could you please share your relevant code so I can reproduce the issue?