Mobiscroll select filter/autocomplete not working within bootstrap modal on iphone

The select option with filter is not working when launched from within a bootstrap modal event if the context option is set to the id of the modal. Strange freezing behaviour occurs and then it crashes the modal. Any help appreciated on why this could be happening?

Hi Arjuna,

I tested this with a Bootstrap modal, but the freeezing did not occur for me on iPhone:

    context: '#exampleModal',
    data: [{
            text: 'Option 1',
            value: 1
            text: 'Option 2',
            value: 2
            text: 'Option 3',
            value: 3
            text: 'Option 4',
            value: 4
            text: 'Option 5',
            value: 5
    filter: true

Howevere for correct positioning I needed to add the following css:

.modal.mbsc-fr-lock-ctx {
    position: fixed;

If the issue persists, could you please specify the exact Mobiscroll and Bootstrap versions you’re using?

Hi isti,

This css fix works perfectly!

Surey needs to be added into build code for everyone?

Kind regards,