Mobiscroll select feature with vueJs trigger

I am using Mobiscroll select feature. Here I need to select a dropdown option by triggering any button outside the box.
I am using vue.js not jQuery
How can I achieve? Could you please guide me.

Let say an example :

Here I have a select box with list of products.

and below I have a compare checkbox with every product display under category sections.

So I need to click on any compare checkbox and want to selected the particular value into the select box with every click.

Like when I click on Product 1 it should be selected into the select box and so on.

But I have no idea hot to achieve this with vue.js.

Could you please help me out?

Hi Pravesh,

You can use the setVal method of the Select box to set the value.


var mySelect ='#mySelect', {
  // options ...

// Set the value later:
mySelect.setVal(2, true); // Where 2 is the id of the product you'd like to select

Let me know if this helps!

Ok I have tried this before but with more changes I will try this again and will let you know then.