MobiScroll Keyboard - it's time for this

Hi guys,

I come back to this issue when developing my app time and time again. Ask yourself what is the one thing that disrupts the flow of your app. The answer will always be text based input. You guys have sovled number based input splendidly with your mobiscroll.numpad. This was what originally led me here as I was trying to implement the native number pad in my app, which came with characters I didn’t need or want. Secondly I tried to implement the ionic numpad which was exactly what I needed but was only compatible with ionic framework (which was a nightmare I didn’t want to have).

Thankfully I found mobiscroll which gave me a numpad that showed my input just above the numpad.

But look at what happens when I’m in my app and inputting a text field. My native keyboard pops up over top of the field I am trying to fill and I can’t even see what I’m inputting. When I’m finished entering text on my android phone what do I click next? The enter key doesn’t do anything,. I still can’t see my text field and with my app I hide the navigation bar (because in Android 9 they force an ugly off-white navbar on me, at least with android 8 I could make it black).

So me as an advanced user knows that I can click on the screen anywhere above the keyboard to make they keyboard go away, but in doing this I still run the risk of clicking another element that may trigger a different field to open.

The sane way to solve this seems very logical and obvious to me. We need a mobiscroll.keyboard that we can call that has the same sort of input as the numpad. Whereby showing us the text that we are entering, and having a simple “set” and “cancel” buttons.

It would be foolish to think that you guys haven’t thought about this and worked on it but that for one reason or another it just hasn’t made it into a release yet. What do you guys think? Can you make this happen? I don’t want to have to reverse engineer your numpad and make my own keyboard out of it… but if I have too… you know I will :slightly_smiling_face:

Help us!!


This only took a few minutes to arrange. But to get the other functions to work will be a bit trickier.
I didn’t know you guys obfuscate your code, so there’s no easy way for me to add this on. .

Hi @Michael_DeMutis :wave:

Thanks for the detailed description!
While we don’t have this kind of keyboard at the moment, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it.
If there is any news about this feature, I’ll make sure to let you know :wink:

I did try to make my own based on how you do your numpad but ultimately it was too slow. I figured out a better option anyway by using your .popup and putting an input box in the popup, having it come from the top and then setting focus to it. So that when a user is entering data into my form when they click on an input box, the popup triggers, the value in the input box is copied to the input box in my popup and then focus is triggered opening the keyboard.

I then bind the onSet and onBeforeClose (so that the enter key action does same as onSet) to copy the contents of my pop-up input back to the original triggering input box and then close the popup. It works great. The user no longer loses track of what field they are inputting and the native iOS or Android keyboards do not overlay on top of the input box (which was hiding it so they couldhn’t see what they were entering). You guys should make this a mobiscroll thing.

Here is a screen video of this: