Mobiscoll 4 Ivy Support

Hey guys i use Angular 16 and i get the error (@mobiscroll/angular4) which declares MbscNavigationModule is not compatible with Angular Ivy. I need Mobiscroll 4 because 5 not support all Functions. What i need to do to solve the Problem. Regards Asan

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Hello @advisori :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and sorry about the trouble!

Yes, that’s because Angular 16 dropped ngcc (Angular compatibility compiler) support, which made the v4 version of Mobiscroll incompatible with Angular 16 (at the moment).

I’ll add your voice to the report, so you’ll be notified when there will be any updates.

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Any updates on Ivy support for Mobiscroll v4?

Hello @Deeksha_Gulati :wave:

I added your voice to the report.

We don’t have an ETA, we are planning to solve this issue but not in the near future since our main focus is on Mobiscroll v5.

But then is there a plan to bring components like Numpad which are only in v4 to v5?

We are gradually moving things over and adding new functionality to v5 at the same time. It is easily possible that some functionality will be not moved over however