Mobile month view not scrolling on IOS Cordova and Safari

List of events are not scrolling under Mobile month view example of CalendarEvent. Instead of that all the page is scrolling (including the calendar).
Please note that when I use ‘Add To home screen’ option and then open the webapps from the icon on my Ios device it works well…

Hello Dominic :wave:

The problem is if there is not enough space for the event list under the Calendar (less than 200px) the event list will not be scrollable.
So the easiest solution could be if you display less weeks.
Also here you can find more information about this:
Let me know if this make sense.

I’m having the same issue when using Week as calendar type. So doesn’t seems to be a size issue.

The calendar is in a ion-content tag. I’ve been able to make it work by adding scroll =“false”
<ion-content class=‘has-footer’ scroll=“false”>