Mbsc-eventcalendar > dayTemplate not being rendered

hi I’m trying to use a template for the dayTemplate but it’s ignoring , nothing rendered, let me paste relevant part of the html code:

    <mbsc-eventcalendar [data]="arrAssignedMbscCalendarEvent" [options]="calendarOptions" [view]="calView" [resources]="myResourcesEmployee" [invalid]="myInvalids" [extendDefaultEvent]="defaultShift"
                        [headerTemplate]="myHeaderTemplate" [resourceTemplate]="myResourceTemplate" (onEventCreateFailed)="eventUpdateFail($event)" (onEventUpdateFailed)="eventUpdateFail($event)"
                        [scheduleEventContentTemplate]="myScheduleEventContentTemplate" [**dayTemplate**]="**customDayTemplate**">

    <ng-template #**customDayTemplate** let-data>
      <span>aaaaaaaaaa testing day Template</span>

Other templates do work for me, like headerTemplate and resourceTemplate .
thanks for any help

Hi @richard.maba :wave:

I checked your code but I was not able to reproduce this issue.
Can you share a bit more information about the context or a working example from which we could reproduce this?