Marked days multiple

Hi, i’m french developer so sorry for my english.
i would like to know if its possible to show multiple marked days better than this picture.

i have many marked days in my database with same date and my json display uses “start” and “end” option with color. When more than 3 events happen on the same day, i would like to put something that indicates that there are more events.

Someone can help me ?

Thank you all



I can recommend something like in this: Events as labels - Event calendar Events as labels Example | Mobiscroll - most of the time showing the event data inside and across the calendar cells is the way to go.

Or Events in popover: Event calendar Events in popover Example | Mobiscroll - using the popover saves vertical space and provides a subtle cue to the user that there are events. A small dot will appear in day cells with events.

What do you think?

Hi Zsombor,

why not but i buy the date & time pickers for my customer and i thought that it will be enough. If i take your solution, i’ll need to buy the event calendar and all my integration need to be remaked.

Any solution with the date & time pickers ?


Hello @OLIVIER_GUICHENEY :grinning:

Oh, sorry, I didn’t notice you are using a Date and time picker license, my fault :grin:

However the good news is that you’ll be able to use the label setting with Calendar as well (which is included in your license): Calendar Marked, colored & labels Example | Mobiscroll.
You can find more information about the label setting here: Responsive calendar documentation for various frameworks | Mobiscroll.

Quick followup: you can basically solve this with Calendar, but with Event Calendar would be easier, because there are implemented stuff like showing events like ‘x more’ like in this example:

As a solution, I can recommend upgrading to the Event Calendar license (which will include all components which you have now with Date and Time picker license PLUS the Event Calendar) and in this case, we’ll charge only the difference between the two licenses.

If it’s sound good, you are welcome to contact us from our web page chat or send us an email:

Thank you for your answers.
I think I can get around the problem by assigning categories to my events. Like this, if I limit to 5 or 6 categories, I could keep the model attached in my first post.
If it does not suit my customer, I would switch to the event calendar.

Thanks you so much anyway :wink:

Sure, no problem @OLIVIER_GUICHENEY :+1: