Locale['en'] && localeEn are empty

The users of my application can change language at any time during the session and I’m having problems to retrieve the content of the current values of “locale” for “english” because, both locale[‘en’] and localeEn are empty (with the rest of the languages everything works as expected) How can I retrieve them?


Hi there,

The localeEn object is empty, because the english options are the defaults, however you don’t need the properties to set the language. Could you please share a bit more information about your use case?

Hi again Gabi, thanks for responding to this as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I deduced that when I saw that LocaleEn was empty and localeEnGB was practically empty too.

The users of my application can change the language dynamically, so far, there is no problem, everything works fine. The need has been generated because after the change of locale I wanted to take the new date-time formats to unify.


Thanks for the details! It is possible to reach the date format through the instance: inst.s.dateFormat

Thanks gabi, I have checked that I have it accessible. I will test it in more detail when I resume that topic. If I find any inconvenience I will let you know.