Loading remote resources for a timeline view

i want in my timeline view that the ‘resources’ load from a remote server with an ajax request.
After that i want to use an another remote for loading the events.
I have seing an example for remote events but not for the resources.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @David1 :wave:

Sure, you can use the setOptions for that :point_down:

mobiscroll.setOptions({ resources: [...] });

Hi, thanks for your response but i don’t understand where do i put my ajax request here ?

Hi @David1 !

Depending on how you would like to load the resources and what framework/library you are using, there are several ways to achieve this - for instance: onInit - to load once at initialization, onPageLoading - if you want the resources on demand, etc. I’d recommend you to read the documentation on events and pick the most suitable for you.