Load Components inside a frame, but render above the frame?

Example when context is not used, the picker is opened inside the IFRAME, and not positioned at the bottom of the viewport:

When context (Forms documentation for React | Mobiscroll) is used, it partially worked, but has some issues. Code is below, targetting the parent frame/window from within the IFRAME.

    units: ['f'],
   context: (u.isDefined(window.top.document.body))?window.top.document.body:document.body,
            responsive: {
                small: {
                    display: 'bottom'
                medium: {
                    display: 'bubble'
                large: {
                    display: 'bubble'

When I click in the Temperature field, the picker opens below the fold, and I need to scroll down to access it:

It seems to work ok once I scroll down. But I guess it is miscalculating the parent viewport height? Is this use-case feasible? Having mobi-scroll components inside of an IFRAME/FRAME but loading the picker in the parent frame? It seems to work for the most part, but the picker placement is not correct. There may be other issues as I have not done much testing yet.

Hi Brook,

Displaying the picker in a different frame is not supported by our library.
While specifying the context will make it render to the parent window, other functionality, like positioning, and some events will still use the window object from the original frame, resulting in incorrect behavior.

Would you guys develop this functionality if it was a paid project? Maybe for a select number of components we want to use. Or provide support on a case by case basis if we run into issues trying to make it work ourselves? I didn’t but the source code license, but I guess I would need that. Do you think this is possible? I’m mostly interested in the pickers, not so much the calendar stuff… what do you think?