Limit date picker to years only

Is there a way to initialize the date picker so that the user can only pick a year and not a specific day or month?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

Yup, that’s totally possible!
You need to use the dateWheels option, explained here:
Like this: dateWheels: 'yy'.
Let me know how it goes :wink:

Well, that sounds promising but I can’t get it to work. Here’s my code.


    'defaultValue':'<?php echo $currentyear; ?>',
    dateWheels: 'yy'


But it still pops up with a regular calendar. What am I doing wrong?

Hello Vincent :wave:

Ok, now I got it!
The problem is that you can’t set a yer only picker in the Calendar.
But a solution could be to use the Date & Time picker component.
In that component you can achieve this easily with dateWheels option, as I mentioned earlier.

    dateWheels: 'yy',
    dateFormat: 'yy',

Let me know if this make sense.

Yes, that works. Thanks!