Keyboard Trap on Calendar Month Selector

Hello everyone. Apologies if this is a duplicate issue, I’ve searched around for a solution to no avail.

I’m using a Mobiscroll (v5.22.3) month view calendar to display some events. While doing some accessibility testing, a keyboard trap was discovered.

The calendar is limited to a start and an end date, a 4 month span, and when the user tabs to the month picker in the top left and presses enter, they’re presented with a year picker with only 1 year selectable. When the user selects the year, a list of months is displayed, with only the 4 months included in that 4 month span selectable. It is at this point the focus becomes trapped on an invisible element, with the user being unable to actually focus a month. Only pressing the escape key, closing the month picker, unlocks the focus.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

I’ve thought about disabling it, but it’s a feature I know users will expect.

Hi Zack,

I’ve tried to re-produce this issue based on your description, but so far this keyboard trap is not appearing to me. In my test app I can navigate between those 4 months, and also I’m able to select one.

I was testing with the latest v5.26.1 version. Can you please check if this issue is occurring with the latest version?

If the issue is still appearing with the latest version can you please share your initialization code so I can test with the same settings?

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Thank you for your response! Updating to a newer version of Mobiscroll has solved our issue! Appreciate the help.

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