Key considerations for effective posting

Here are some helpful tips to help us ensure a great experience:

  1. Maximize the effectiveness of your support request by furnishing comprehensive details about the requirement/ problem/ issue you’re facing. The more information, the better!
  2. Before posting a question, invest some time in searching the forum. Maybe someone else has already posted a similar query. If they haven’t received a response, it’s an excellent opportunity to delve into the issue. On the flip side, if the question has already been addressed, celebrate your discovery!
  3. Providing a link with a live example can work wonders in illustrating the problem. Please note that if you choose to share a working example on GitHub, that’s absolutely fine. However, ensure not to make it public with the npmrc included, as this would grant access to your Mobiscroll account to everyone.
  4. Add screenshots, recordings, mockups, or anything that helps better explain what you are looking to accomplish.
  5. If reporting a bug, provide as much detail as possible to help us replicate it consistently. Including browser version, operating system, and other environmental variables can significantly aid in troubleshooting.
  6. Asking multiple questions per post is okay, as long as they’re all related. If you start asking multiple unrelated questions, it can become quite difficult to figure out what the real issue/ question is. Make sure to submit the new questions on new posts.

Optimizing your input ensures a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone involved. Thanks for your collaboration!