Javascript Timeline Configure the timeline Example | Mobiscroll,

I am using this template for my project. All i need is i want to show only AM and PM in time labels instead of 12AM and 12PM while config it to 12Hrs. Can You help Me out?

Hi @Priyabrat :wave:

Sure, here you can find an example for that: Javascript Timeline Time slot template Example | Mobiscroll - so, as you can see, if you only want to show AM and PM, you can do that with the renderSlot option.

Hi @Zsombor
Ya I checked that also. But when i create an event it’s only updated according to the slot either AM or PM.
If I created an event that runs from AM to PM or through out some days it’s only occupy that selected slot .I want to the label only show 2 time AM and PM and the event will show according to it. Thanks

Ok, thanks for clarifying!

In this case, the solution would be to show the 12 hours view, as you mentioned in your first message and then use renderHour option to customize the header hour container and show only AM and PM labels.