Javascript Radio Input Type on Form not firing On Change Event

Have been converting a dynamically created form from Bootstrap 4 to Mobiscroll. Am doing the mobiscroll.form call on the new Form element and then doing refresh call on Form when have dynamically changed content. That all works relatively fine.

Have a radio group with two values, and have two issues:

  1. Setting the checked value programmatically is not working on the mobiscrollised version of the Input Elements; and
  2. the On Change handler is not firing.


I have a simple switch in the code to go back and forth between the Boostrap 4 version and the Mobiscroll version with no other code changes.

Bootrap version , no issues
Mobiscroll, no events are fired (yes am checking the input elements are being used), even added a on click event. Nothing.

Have now also tried with the Select Input Type with choices instead of the radio buttons. Same problem, no events fired for OnChange

According the NPM package, I have version 4.10.9