Is the select control available in v5

Does the select control exist in the v5 of mobiscroll? I see that it’s not available on the demo site, but I would like to use this control, and I’ve already started down the path with v5 for my other calendar elements. I can’t tell if it’s just missing the demos or if the control is not included in v5 at all.

Hi @Tim_Kramer :wave:

That’s right, the Select component is not yet available with the Mobiscroll v5.
However, I know that my colleagues are working on it :shushing_face::wink:

Until then, I can suggest to you to use the v4 and v5 together (for example you can use the Select from v4 with the new Scheduler from v5). This guide should be helpful: Using Mobiscroll v4 alongside v5 | Mobiscroll Help Center.