Is it possible to reload collapsible cards in a collapsed state?


<div class='mbsc-mobiscroll mbsc-card mbsc-form' mbsc-card data-collapsible style='margin-top:0px;padding:0px'>
    <div class='mbsc-card-header' style='margin:10px;padding:0px'></div>
    <div class='mbsc-card-content mbsc-card-subtitle' style='padding:0px 10px'>
  Stuff goes here...
    <div class='mbsc-card-footer' style='padding:12px;margin-top:20px;'>

When I first load my page, all my cards are collapsed, which is great, but if I dynamically reload one of the cards using ajax then it briefly flickers in the open state before it goes back to collapsed. This is obviously not ideal.

Is there a way to reload a collapsed card without a flicker?

Hello @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

Sorry, but I was not able to reproduce this issue. It’s easier for us to reproduce the problem from a code example, so could you please send your related code or a live example?