Is it possible to highlight all sub parts of an appointment?

I develop a appointment calender for hairdressers.
And often one customer has multiple work parts with more than one hairdresser (ressources).
I know that mobiscroll could handle multiple ressources per event.
But here the events have different start/end time.
And if i hover over one event, it would be nice to highlight all other events for this customer. Has anyone an idea how to do it?
Thanks and best regards

Hi @Markus_Schlimgen :wave:

Let’s see if I fully understand your requirement: you have multiple events created for different resources that are related to one customer in the hair salon, right? - and when you hover over an event, you want to highlight all the events that are related to this one customer (even if this is connected to multiple resources/hairdressers).

Hi Zsombor,
thanks for your answer. Yes… it is normal, that one customer has multiple services booked or the service has more than one worksteps and more than one resource/hairdresser is working on these customer.
In the screenshot you can see a sample.

Thanks for clarifying!

In this case, the solution would be using the onEventHoverIn event from which you will get the hovered event details. Then, you have to check which other events are associated with that (basically, you can search with the name of the client since as I see, that’s the same in every event which is related). When that’s done, you can use the setSlectedEvents method to highlight every connected event.

Hi Zsombor,
thx for your help. It works.

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