Is it possible to have swipe to the previous page?

This is a very impressive product.

But one thing is a little closed to perfect…
That’s swipe to back previous url in ios.

If it possible, it is perfect.

Maybe I ask if possible ??


Hi there :wave:

Can you help me understand the context a bit more? Can you clarify what do you mean by URL? Do you need to navigate between pages?

If so, we have a component for this use case, the scrollview. Here is a demo what you can check out: React Scrollview Paging Example | Mobiscroll

Looking for something similar?


Thanks for your reply.

previous url means…

for example.
when landing a web page, i click a link tag such as or react link tag, then I want to go back to the previous page, i just slide from left to right, the page will back to the previous page.
this gesture in iOS is very useful (it works in safari or inside app…

Swipe to go back (or forward) a page

Is my description easy to understand? (sorry for my poor english…)

We do not currently have a component to solve this. While it is not supported at the moment, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it.

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