Input item in ng-repeat

I’m having formating issue when I’m usign components within ng-repeat. For the dropdown I had to manually add the arrow-down icon and for checkbox it doesn’t work at all.
Am I missing something?
In the following Example the first input is ok, but the one embedded in the ng-repeat is not getting the right formatting

<form name="form" mobiscroll-form novalidate>
  <div class="mbsc-form-group">
      First Name
      <input mbsc-input id="firstname1" type="text" />
    <label ng-repeat="item in activeSection.questions | orderBy:'order'">
      <input mbsc-input id="test1" type="text" />
  </div>  </form>

Hi @Dominic,

So far I could not reproduce the issue you described. Could you attach a working example where this issue can be debugged? If it’s easier, you can start off from one of our demos here.

Good news, it works when I’m using a demo as starter and adding the ng-repeat. I have not been able to find which part of my code is making it breaks. I’m also using IONICv1 with $stateProvider if this can help for you to reproduce the issue. I’ll let you know if I can get it.
In parallel I have been able to display it the right way using ViewList with update styling instead of ng-repeat

Hi @Dominic! Please let me know if you find the problem! Also if you can share an example that I can debug, I would gladly look into it.