Input component breaking on error Message

i have an input field with validation. when i type some text and delete the existing classes(mbsc-control-w mbsc-label-inline mbsc-input) are being replaced by mbsc-err class. this is breaking input component.

this is how it looks when it breaks.

component code:

<mobiscroll.Input type="password" 
    errorMessage={errorMessage && errorMessage.title}
    labelStyle="inline"  {...sharedProps}>{labelName}


Hi there!

Thanks for your patience in this issue. It looks like this is a bug in the input component, that we will fix in the upcoming version. The problem comes up when the valid prop changes: the input loses it’s styling because of the classes that you reported are removed.

Thanks again for the details!

Hi @optobizz,

I just wanted to let you know that this bug is fixed from version 4.4.3, that we’ve just released.
Let us know if you have any difficulties!