ICS feed as a datasource

Is there relatively fast way to supply a .ics to a publicly visible calendar feed and have Mobiscroll render it readonly in some default manner?

At the moment I’m just comparing how things feel by embedding the calendar component in an existing in-house Angular application and it would be handy to throw data into a shared calendar through an existing interface and see the default rendering pop out at the other end.

As a backup I guess I could share the feed with GCal and look at linking it through that interface, but something that can more directly use the .ics feed would be ideal.

And always grateful for pointers where I should be RTFM’ing on this particular point.

Hi @Sean :wave:

At the moment, the ICS feed is not supported by our calendars. What you can do is process the data and then convert it to mobiscroll event format. This will require some custom coding on your end. The following library can help with parsing: GitHub - kewisch/ical.js: Javascript parser for ics (rfc5545) and vcard (rfc6350) data