How to disable scroll for calendar


how can i disable the scroll for <mbsc-calendar please ?

i have try all attributes but no success

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Iheb_BEN_AMOR :wave:

Could you please specify what kind of scrolling you want to disable?
The mousewheel: false setting disables the mousewheel and touchpad scrolling, more information here: Responsive calendar documentation for Angular | Mobiscroll.
Also would you give us a bit more information about your use case?

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hi @Zsombor

thanks for your reply :
this is my configuration :
options: MbscCalendarOptions = {
lang: ‘fr’,
weekDays: ‘min’,
i display only 1 week inline :

but i steel can scroll !

Thanks fr your help

Thanks for sharing @Iheb_BEN_AMOR :+1:
Unfortunately you can’t disable scrolling if you use inline display mode at the moment.
For a better understanding, could you please share some details about it? How would disabling the swipe help the users?