How to disable gesture swipe in ScrollView?


I wanted to disable gesture scrolling / swap in ScrollView, it did not work.

Is there any property to set ? Changing destinationX, posX or originX on onGestureStart did not work.

<div class="md-paging">
	<mbsc-scrollview [options]="contentSettings" (onItemTap)="withDefaultEvent($event)" #contentView>
		<div *ngFor="let item of queryResult; let i = index">
			<mbsc-scrollview-item [id] = i>
				<ng-container [ngTemplateOutlet]="item.wizardItem"></ng-container>

Here is settings from my .ts file

contentSettings: MbscScrollViewOptions = {
lang: ‘tr’,
theme: ‘ios’,
themeVariant: ‘light’,
layout: 1,
paging: false,
mousewheel : true,
threshold: 10,
cssClass: ‘md-page’,
onInit: (event, inst) => {

  onAnimationStart: (event, inst) => {

  onGestureStart: (event, inst) => {

        event.posX = event.originX;

  onGestureEnd: (event, inst) => {
     event.posX = event.originX;

    onMove : (event, inst) => {
    	console.log(event, inst);

This solution worked.