How to create a context menu for the event and empty cell?

Hi, I want to copy/paste events in the Event Calendar/Scheduler in day,week,month views.


1.Does mobiscroll support copy/paste by itself?

2.How to trigger a context menu for an event and for an empty cell? I noticed a rightClick event for event.But how do I trigger a context menu? Does mobiscroll support any context menu api?

Hi @aditirajendran94 :wave:

Please find below the answers:

  1. Yes, basically every event which is shown in the Event Calendar/ Scheduler are displayed in every view. Like you mentioned day/week/month. Here you can find an example for that: Javascript Scheduler Switching views Example | Mobiscroll - let me know if this is what you need.
  2. We have a CRUD demo, where you can find a solution of how you can solve your requirement: Javascript Scheduler Add/edit/delete events Example | Mobiscroll - as you can see, in case of an empty cell a popup will be shown with which you can create a new event. Or if you click on an event, then you can modify that. Let me know if you need something similar or if this helps.