How to clear the value after selecting time in time picker?

I have implemented the buttons for set, cancel and clear in time picker.
However, I pushed the clear button and the current time was displayed.
I want to display the blank after selecting time in time picker.

 var test = d_field.mobiscroll().time({
            touchUi: scrollX ? true : false,
            showOnTap: scrollX ? true : false,
            showOnFocus: scrollX ? true : false,
            timeFormat: 'HH:ii',
            showLabel: scrollX ? true : false,
            steps: {
              minute: 15
            buttons: [ 
         () {
                    return false;

Hi Takahiro,

Your code is working just fine for me, it clears the value from the input on clear button click as it should.
Could you please share a full example package or a live link where the problem occurs?