How to change background colour for inline calendar only

I’m using the V4 calendar with an inline style and I’d like to change the background colour for the inline calendar to white, but only the inline calendar (not the other popup calendars) while keeping the auto theme.

The normal popup calendars have a slightly greyish background (#f7f7f7) which looks good and I want to keep that for the popup calendars but on one page I’m using an inline calendar and when it’s inline the grey doesn’t look as good. I want it to have a white background like the rest of the page.

I realize that I can override the “.mbsc-mobiscroll .mbsc-fr-w” classes but I don’t want to do that for the popup calendars, only for the inline and both types exist on the same page.

What do you recommend?

Hi Vincent,

Here’s the css rule you can use:

.mbsc-fr-inline.mbsc-calendar .mbsc-fr-w {
    background: #fff;
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