How do I display "Today" or "Tomorrow" instead of date in header of event list?

Using the jQuery event calendar and I’m displaying it in event list format to show the staff schedule. By default it shows today’s date, but the user can scroll back and forth to other dates.

The selected date is shown between the arrows, but what I would like is for the date to display as “Today” if it is today’s date, and “Tomorrow” if it is tomorrow’s date. Is that possible?

Here’s my code:


$.get("get-staffschedule.json.php?staffid=0", function(data){

  var inst = $('#staffschedule').mobiscroll().eventcalendar({
    display: 'inline',
    dateFormat: js_dateformat,
    noEventsText: 'No staff scheduled',
    lang: '<?=$locale?>',
    view: {
        eventList: { type: 'day', scrollable: true }




Hi @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

Good question :wink:

At the moment in V4 you can’t achieve this, only with DOM manipulation.
For example you need to search the element with jQuery in the onPageLoaded event and replace the text to Today or Tomorrow.

That’s too bad. Since V5 is in beta development, is it possible to sneak this feature in before final release? I think it would be a nice touch as it would make it much easier for the user to realize that the schedule they’re looking at is for today or tomorrow as opposed to having to know the current date and figure it out. I don’t know about you, but personally I never know what the date is without looking at my watch.

Great idea @Vincent_Wansink, we will keep an eye on this :wink: