How can I have a custom timespan in the timeline?

I would like to show the timline (month-view) starting with another date then the first of the month.

We would like to use the timeline as an overview of our current booking status for our campsite, ideally it would start at a couple of days before present and continue 20-30 days forward. But I can’t find any way to achieve this.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Hi @Jens :wave:

As my colleague mentioned in another thread: currently what you can do, is to pass the start and end dates using the min and max options. However in case of month or week view the dates outside min and max will still be visible, but will be grayed out.

We’re planning to support multiple day and week view, where you could specify to display n weeks or days (currently only 1 day or 1 week can be displayed in one view), I think that’s what would help in your case. E.g. you could specify displaying 4 consecutive weeks in one view.

Hi Zsombor,

Thanks for your reply, but when I try the max/min properties I still can’t show dates spanning the turn of the month, from say Februari 15:th to March 15:th. The week view with multiple weeks sounds like a possibility, but is there any way to make the day-cells narrower so that I can fit more days in the visible area?

You can change the day cells narrower using an extra css rule:

.mbsc-timeline-day-group {
    min-width: 100px;