Horizontal scrollbar not visible in Timeline component


I need to display a week timeline, but I’m not getting to make horizontal scrollbar to be displayed. If I increase the window width, more content is shown, but I cannot scroll through the days and hours (as shown in below screenshots).

I just copied the example code to my components template:

// calendar.component.html
<mbsc-eventcalendar [view]="myView" [data]="myData" [resources]="myResources" [invalid]="myInvalid" [clickToCreate]="true" [dragToCreate]="true" [dragToMove]="true" [dragToResize]="true"></mbsc-eventcalendar>

Is there any CSS or class that must be applied to so the horizontal scrollbar can become visible?



Hi @Diogo and welcome to the Mobscroll Forum!

Is this an Ionic project or something else? What kind of container has the eventcalendar? Does it have a fix width or is the content of it hidden (like with the overflow: hidden css rule?)

Hi @Zoli. It is an Angular Project, using Fuse Theme. After a few hours I finally found some conflicting scrollbars CSS rules. Thank you so much for you attention

Awesome! I’m glad you fixed it! :sunny: