Hide/Edit time hover on table on timeline view

Hey guys! i’m looking to remove that blue time hover throughout the table, or maybe show an icon instead (like a circle)

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 2.52.14 PM

Hi @Alex_M :wave:

The cursor time indicator is shown when the dragToCreate option is enabled and there is a time resolution in the view.


Thanks for the answer - I currently have dragToCreate off (but i will probably need to use it afterwards) and no resolution and the cursor still shows. I think the cursor is ok but on hover the current time hovered shows up and that’s what I want to get rid of and can’t inspect the css classes for those.

I was wondering how do i handle that

By the cursor time indicator, I was referring to - on hover the current time hovered shows up.

Besides that, you mentioned that you don’t have a time resolution however, based on the screenshot that you shared you are using the time resolution so it won’t be enough to disable the dragToCreate option.

I disabled both the resolution and dragToCreate and it still shows up :smiley:

Could you share a screenshot of your current view? - and the exact view config that you are using?

yes of course.

Thanks for sharing @Alex_M. As I see, on daily view you are still using the time resolution.

i don’t understand. it’s commented out? i just want to hide the time that shows up on hover