Header of Event Calendar position is not fixed

Hi Team,

The header of the event calendar position is not fixed.It is getting scroll down.
What property has to be set inorder to fix it.

Since in demo its position is fixed.

Hi @pavithra :wave:

Regarding making the header sticky: as you mentioned, sticky header in timeline view is the default behavior as you can see from our demo: https://demo.mobiscroll.com/timeline/timeline-time-grid#.

I assume the problem is that you didn’t set the height of the Timeline to 100% or to fixed - whit that you will be able to get the sticky header.

Hi @Zsombor

Could you please give an example to set the height for timeline to make header in timeline.

You should set all of the timeline’s parent container to height 100% as well.

Or use the height option to set a fix height.