Having a timeline with Y-axis as months and X-axis as days

Hello community,

Can we have a timeline like a planning:
Y-axis => days
X-axis => months

Hello @Elaouani_Saad :wave:

At the moment we don’t have such a view.

Can you share more information about the use case/ context? - I’m curious why would you like to show months vertically and days horizontally.

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Thak u for ur reply,

In our context, its more relevant to have a view per year showing the number of reservations.
Having a timeline with a Y-axis as months and X-axis as days can help to give a clear view of the reservations in our use-case.
For now i am trying to do it with a timeline:{type:‘year’}, but can’t tell how the impression of the timeline will be

Thanks for sharing @Elaouani_Saad!

Happy to let you know that I adde your voice to a request.
When we have any news about this topic, I’ll let you know.