Form input rendering issues

I’m trying to migrate from V4 to V5 and because not everything is available in V5 I am using both libraries. I’m using the V5 form components, but this breaks my original code which worked fine with V4.


<label style='margin:5px'>Notes<textarea data-role=none mbsc-textarea data-input-style='box' data-label-style='floating'></textarea></label>

When I first load this page the textarea looks like this:

Then as soon as I hover over the input with my cursor, it magically fixes itself and looks like this:

How do I make these form inputs render properly on page load?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink,

I was not able to reproduce this. Could you share your intex.html file?

I actually ended up re-downloading mobiscroll but this time including the forms with V4, and I’m using V5 only for datepicker, event calendar and popup. Going back to V4 for forms solved the problem. Maybe it has to do with some of my own CSS that’s interfering, I’m not sure, but it wasn’t worth the effort for me to try to figure it out as V4 forms works perfectly as is.