Force timezone in calendar

Is there an option to force timezone in calendar?
Use case:
We set open hour in USA. International user need to continue to see the same open hour from USA timezone and not from their own timezone
(9-5 should stay 9-5 in Germany for example)


Hi @Jean-Claude_Masse,

The Calendar does not have built in time-zone handling.
As you may know, the Calendar can operate with js Date objects or ISO 8601 strings.
The Calendar will not make any modification to the date passed, e.g. if you pass new Date(2019,7,2,9,30) or 2019-08-02T09:30 will show the time 9:30 regardless of the client’s timezone. If you need any transformations, you will need to do it before passing the date to the calendar and maybe also after a value is picked.