FontSize for Events

How can i change the font Sizes for the events, as they are very small:

Hi @Christoph_Schuster :wave:

You can change the font size of the events with custom CSS.

Besides that, you can also customize the events with the renderLabel option.

Hi Zsombar,

thank you for the reply, that was also my idea, but changing the size does not change the cell dimensions:

Do you have a hint which dom element needs a updated font size?

thank you

Hi @Christoph_Schuster :wave:

By default labels have a pre specified height from css. You can override it the following way:

  1. in order to the row heights correctly adjust based on the label heights .mbsc-calendar-text class needs to be adjusted manually from css:

    .mbsc-eventcalendar .mbsc-calendar-body .mbsc-calendar-text {
    height: 36px; /* specify the height */
    white-space: nowrap;
    overflow: hidden;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;

  2. you’ll have to specify the height to your custom label container. Based on the screeshot this element: <div class="label">...</div>
    label {
    height: 36px; /* specify the height */

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