Eventhandling DropContainer


I tried the new DropContainer in my calendar and noticed some strange behavior.

My idea was as follows: When I start dragging an appointment in the EventCalendar, the DropContainer should open in the lower part of my application. The appointment I am dragging can then be dropped there. If I then re-enter the dropped appointment in the calendar, the DropContainer should close again.

However, the following error pattern is now observable: When dropping the appointment from the EventCalendar into the DropContainer, the “onItemDrop” event is NOT triggered. If I repeat the entire action, everything works flawlessly.

My working theory:
During the execution of the “onEventDragStart” event, the DropContainer is first displayed, making it an invalid target for a drop action?! If I then repeat the process and the DropContainer is still displayed, everything works flawlessly.

The same applies if I do not hide the DropContainer and display it when loading the application. In this case, the DropContainer also works flawlessly.

The two components are implemented as follows

Are there any ideas how I can change the behavior so that the DropEvent is processed the first time or is there still a bug here?