Eventcalendar drag and drop freezes webview

Hi there,

I am using the event calendar with timeline view, I have about 25 events in a 3 days size timeline. When I try to drag and drop some of the events to another resource, it freezes the whole browser and I have to force closing it and lose my progress.

I have attached a video showing the issue.

Please help!

Hello Casey :wave:

Based on the video that you shared, I see, that you are using events with different heights which could cause this issue.

We have two solutions for this:

  • make sure to not use events with variable event heights

  • or, we recently shipped Mobiscroll 5.30 which introduces the long-awaited feature for displaying events with variable heights on the Timeline

We launched it as an experimental feature and can be enabled by setting the eventHeight: 'variable' property for the timeline inside the view option. It is experimental since the underlying rendering logic changed a bit, so we are looking for feedback. You can learn more about variable event heights and see some demos as well:

Feel free to give it a try by upgrading to the latest version and let me know what you think.