EventCalendar + Agenda: Scroll to day with next event

Hello everyone,

currently we have a page with an EventCalendar (month) on top and a corresponding scrollable Agenda on bottom.
On page load the current day is selected in the calendar (“selectedDate” property).
Now, of course the agenda should also show the selected/current day, but this is not always the case.
If there is an event on the selected day, it all works fine (agenda shows selected day).
Otherwise, the agenda always starts on the first day of month and users need to scroll down to see their next events.

Example: Today is February 6, and the next event in our calendar is on February 28. In our case February 6 should be selected in the EventCalender and the agenda should scroll to February 28 automatically (since it’s the next day with an event).

How can we achieve this behavior?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Daniel_Eppacher :wave:

That’s right, at the moment the agenda only shows the days which have events on it.

Regarding your requirement: this can be achieved with custom implementation from your side by creating a navigation method for the agenda which navigates the agenda to the next (closest) day which has an event on it.