Event Calendar valid time only

I have an EventCalendar that has Doctors as Resources, and the mobiscroll api provides invalid property to block out times. But my data given to me has only the valid schedules.

For example:

Doctor A: 9:00am-11:00am and 3pm-5pm.

I want to block the time that are not within the doctor’s sched. How can i achieve it?


Hello @Warren_Tiu :wave:

At the moment it’s not possible to achieve that so, you’ll need to calculate the invalid times.

Also, I’ll add your voice to a feature request. When we have any news about this topic, I’ll let you know.

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okay i’ll do that for the mean time.

Thank you. Appreciate it… :smiley:

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Hi @Zsombor, good day.

Any news regarding this feature and if is it going to be implemented anytime soon?

Thank you…

Hello @Warren_Tiu :wave:

We don’t have an ETA when the valid feature will be implemented to the Event Calendar.

But you can follow our Release history page and also as I mentioned, I’ll let you know when we have any news about it.