Event Calendar "UNTIL" date is one day prior to expected date

Not sure if this is by design or not, but I thought I’d ask about it because it seems unintuitive to me.

If I pass in the following json to the event calendar for the colors parameters, for example:


I would expect July 18th to have a white background, since my until date is July 18th. However, mobiscroll seems to interpret an “until” date as anything prior to that date, but not including that date. Is this by design? I’m asking because this is unintuitive and contrary to generally accepted English grammar, and I’m wondering if this is perhaps an optional setting that I can control somehow.

Hi @Vincent_Wansink,

Yes, this is by design. As a matter of fact, you a right about the English grammar, however the ISO standard works with 0 hours and 0 minutes by default. So the solution would be to add a time for the until date or add one day to it.

Gabi, I notice in the documentation that there’s now an “exclusive end date” option.

If I set this to false on my event calendar will it then behave the way I expect? ie. as per my example above, will I then see July 18th on a white background?

Hi Vincent,

The exclusiveEndDates option does not affect the recurring object, only the event’s end date.