Event calendar - Invalid options work with month view, not with day view

Hi, I’m able to dynamically toggle the invalid dates in the monthly event calendar, but when I switched to the daily view, the invalid date are not showed.

I added the invalid prop into the html element of eventcalendar:

<mbsc-eventcalendar [invalid]=“invalidDate”>

and update the invalid value as follow:
this.invalidDate = [] or this.invalidDate = [{
start: ‘2022-01-01’,

edit: I think I know why it doesn’t display:
when on schedule view, we cannot add the property start to the invalid object array.
Is there a reason we cannot do that?

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @bao,

You can use the from (DTSTART) property of the recurring option: 'FREQ=WEEKLY;INTERVAL=2;BYDAY=MO,TU,WE,TH,FR,SA,SU;DTSTART=2022-01-01;UNTIL=2023-08-09'

Hey @gabi, thanks for your answer, it works!! :grinning: