Event Calendar - Events loaded on invalid dates can not be moved?

So, I’ve been struggling with events on invalid dates, as per my previous post, which I have now deleted because it’s actually much worse than I thought.

It seems I can not use drag and drop or drag to resize on any event on an invalid date. Normally when I drag to resize, in the onEventDragEnd event I can get the new start and end times by looking at args.event.start or args.event.end. And if I drag the event to another resource (in my case resources are staff members) I can get the new staff id from args.event.resource, but if the event is on an invalid date those arguments all return the original values, not the new values.

This seems like a bug to me. Is this a bug? Or is there a way for me to handle this?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink,

The args.event from the onEventDragEnd event is the one which was updated. However, since the invalid field prevents the update, the event will remain with the same properties. If you are interested in the event that “failed” to update, you can use the onEventUpdateFailed event.

Hi gabi. How can I capture the fact that the event is being dropped onto an invalid date, within the onEventDragEnd event? I’m doing an update in that event, but I don’t want to do the update if the drag/drop fails, so how can I determine the success within that event?