Enhance Mobiscroll Event Add to Use UUIDs for event ID

When a user adds a new event by clicking on a Mobiscroll calendar, the new event is given an ID like “mbsc_1”. The renumbering starts with “1” if the page is refreshed. It appears that no checking is done to ensure that this event ID doesn’t already exist. I recommend that the ID generation functionality is enhanced to offer the option of using a UUID for unique event IDs.

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Hi @Andrew1!

You can use the extendDefaultEvent option to give whatever ID you want to the newly created event. The option takes a function that is invoked when a new event is created on the eventcalendar. It should return the event object populated with the properties of the event, like an ID for example:

extendDefaultEvent: function() {
  return  {
    id: 'Your checked id',
    title: 'Newly created event',